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How To Choose A 3D Product Rendering Service Partner

Product Rendering


3D product rendering is the process of creating a product visual from a 3D model. Imagine showcasing your product photos from any angle, in any visual without the limitations of physical product photography. If you want to create high-quality, photorealistic images, and 360 animation that creates a good impression of your brand, 3D product rendering allows you to do that.

In today’s world, creating an engaging product presentation is no longer a luxury. It’s become necessary. A perfect product visualization can capture customer attention and boost sales.

3D product rendering magic doesn’t stop here. Studios show that 3d product rendering can boost sales significantly and make customers more engaging. Other than traditional photos, 3d product rendering can:

  • Increase click-through rates by up to 40%
  • Improve conversion rates by up to 30%
  • Enhance customer understanding of product features


However, if you want to get perfect 3d product rendering, you need to find an ideal 3d rendering partner. But, finding the ideal right partner is so complicated. Don’t worry, in this blog, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to find the perfect 3d rendering services for your needs.


Creating the Perfect 3D Rendering Plan

3D product rendering partner helps you to achieve your desired product visual. But, before entering the world of 3d rendering, take a moment to think about your specific needs. This will help you search for the ideal 3d rendering partner.

What type of product do you have, what type of render visual you are expecting, or do you need other services also? These questions can help you to create a perfect 3d rendering plan. Let’s talk about it:

  • Product Complexity:

    Are you showcasing a shoe, bag, or furniture product, or a piece of machine with extreme details? Understanding the level of detail of the product can help you with the rendering approach and its cost.

  • Desired Realism:

    Think about hyper-realistic visuals that could be complex for photographers. Or a more stylized visual that complements your brand identity? Find out your desired visual idea that will help you a partner with the expertise to match your vision.

  • Render Purpose:

    Where are you going to use these visuals? Are they used for high-impact marketing materials, or will place on an e-commerce website? The intended use will influence the format, style, and even the number of renders you’ll need.

  • Additional Services:

    Do you need other services besides 3d product rendering? Do you need 3d product animation or an interactive 360° view that allows customers to explore your product in detail? Finding out these needs upfront will help you find a partner with the skillset to bring your vision to life.


Partner Search: Freelancers vs. Agency

Now you have a clear plan for your 3d rendering project needs, it’s time to find the perfect 3d rendering partner. We have now 2 options freelance 3d artist and an experienced 3d rendering agency. Here’s the breakdown of the pros and cons of each to help you find 3d rendering service provider:


  • Flexibility: Freelance 3d artists offer flexibility 3d works and potentially accommodate specific project requirements or timelines.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Freelance 3d artist rates can be budget-friendly. Also, 3d freelancers offer unlimited revision.


However, there are some key considerations when exploring the freelance route:


  • Experience Verification: Before starting everything, research is essential. Freelance platforms often showcase freelancer portfolios. Ask for client testimonials and specific examples of work that aligns with your project needs.
  • Communication & Collaboration: Clear and consistent communication is important for a successful project. For the freelancer, you’ll choose to make sure the freelancer is comfortable with your communication style and open to take any feedback.


  • Experienced Teams: The 3D rendering agency has a team of experienced 3D artists, texture specialists, and project managers. Well-experienced skillset and amazing workflow.
  • Wider Range of Services: The 3d rendering agency offers many services beyond 3d rendering including product animations, interactive 360° views, and even virtual reality experiences.

While 3d agencies offer undeniable advantages, there are also a few points to consider:

  • 3D Product Rendering Cost: Sometimes 3D agencies offer higher fees compared to 3D freelancers, especially for complex projects.
  • Lack of Flexibility: 3D agency might have established workflows and processes that could limit flexibility in terms of specific project requirements.


Ultimately, the ideal choice depends on specific needs and priorities. If your budget is a major concern and your project is straightforward, a talented 3D freelancer is good for you. However, if your project quantity is big and highly customized approach then the best choice will be a 3D agency. We can recommend a 3D agency that is good for an ideal 3D product rendering agency.

How to Pick Up Your Perfect 3D Rendering Service Provider?

Identify your ideal partner type (3D agency or Freelancer), it’s time to consider the above pros and cons that match your specific project. We prefer you choose a 3D product rendering agency Here’s why a 3D agency might be the perfect match for your project:

  • 3D Experiences:

    The 3D agency has a talented house team of specialists. From 3d artists, lighting experts, and project managers. Each and everyone contributes their unique expertise to your project. They’ll create detailed models to achieve the perfect lighting and textures.

  • Workflow & Efficiency:

    3D agency has established workflows and years of experience. 3D agency work system is more efficient in the rendering process, minimizes potential delays, and ensures the projects stay on track.

  • Pricing and Transparency:

    3D agency will be open about their price structure, and offer detailed quotes that can outline the costs associated with the project. The 3D agency is always transparent about its pricing and avoids any hidden costs down the line.

  • Revision Policy:

    Revisions and feedback are a natural part of the 3d rendering work process. How many revisions are included in the initial quote? 3D agencies offer unlimited revisions and don’t charge for this.

  • Project Management & Communication:

    3D agencies have dedicated project managers for their clients. This can help to avoid misunderstanding and rework. This way saves time and meets the client’s deadlines.

  • Software Compatibility:

    If you have any specific design files or specific software you use, make sure the 3D partner is comfortable with it. Most of the 3D agency uses industry-standard software.

While 3D freelancers can be more budget-friendly for simple projects. However, the 3D agencies that have experienced 3D teams, streamlined workflows, and clear communication can be ideal 3D product rendering service partners.

Partner with Orbe3D and Start Your 3D Product Rendering

At Orbe3D, we understand the needs of e-commerce brands. Our team is experienced in 3D artists and texture specialties. Our project manager is passionate about creating stunning visuals. We are committed to creating products in digital life. We also committed to clear communication and transparent pricing.


Start your 3D rendering with us. We offer a free consultation. Let’s discuss how we can transform your vision into a 3D rendering that drives sales and creates customer engagement.


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