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Transform The Furniture Visualizations with Expert 3D Modeling Company

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An expert 3D modeling company is crucial for furniture brands and e-commerce companies to present their product online. In today’s world static Packshot images aren’t enough. The customer wants to see the product in a real lifestyle scene. Also, for furniture brands customers want to rotate and zoom in and out of the product or virtually place it in their living room for check.

This feature helps brands increase customer engagement and boost sales. To achieve this feature 3D modeling company helps a lot. They create 3D modeling to 3D visualizations of the product. Nowadays a 3D modeling company becoming an essential partner for businesses in the furniture and e-commerce space.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of 3D modeling for 3D visualizations and how to collaborate with an expert 3D modeling company.

Benefits of 3D Modeling for Furniture Visualizations

3D modeling offers a game-changing advantage for showcasing furniture or any other products online. Compared to the static Packshot images 3D models create far more realistic render images for the ultimate experience. Here’s how:

  • Product Details: Through 3D models, it’s easy to create product details, texture, and color far better than traditional flat images. 3D models help to create stunning product accuracy matching with the actual product. Through 3D models, customers can zoom in-out and rotate the product on the website.
  • Customization Options: When it comes to customization of the product, 3D modeling helps a lot here. Think about how the customer can customize the product texture, color also size in virtually. These customizations are only possible through 3D Modeling. These interactive customizations allow customers to personalize their furniture choices and feel confident in their final selection.
  • Multiple Angles: In traditional photography, it’s hard to capture the products at all angles. But through 3D models it allows customers to rotate the product 360 degrees and view it from any angle. Also, customers can experience the product in their living room by using AR. This is particularly beneficial for larger pieces, where understanding size and fit is crucial.
  • Improved Efficiency for Businesses: 3D modeling eliminated the need for expensive physical prototypes and photoshoots. Through 3D models changes and adjustments can be made quickly and virtually. It saves a lot of time and resources. This allows for faster product development cycles.

Collaborating with an Expert 3D Modeling Company

The benefits of 3D modeling for furniture visualizations are clear. According to the Threekit “3D product images increase conversions by 250%.” So, achieving stunning and effective results requires expertise. This is where partnering with a professional 3D modeling company becomes a strategic advantage.

Why Choose a Professional Partner?

There are several key benefits to collaborating with a 3D modeling company for your furniture visualizations:

  • Save Time and Resources: Building an in-house 3D modeling team needs significant investment. An in-house 3D modeling team hardware, software, and industry training. Which is time-consuming for an e-commerce company. However, a professional 3D modeling company already has the infrastructure and expertise in place. They deliver 3D visuals so quickly that can save a lot of time.
  • Visual Quality: Experienced 3D modeling companies understand the art of creating photorealistic furniture visualizations. The 3D modeling company can capture intricate details, texture, and lighting effects that improve product presentations. This helps a more captivating shopping experience for the customers.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: At first, it’ll look costly to invest initially in a 3D modeling company but it can be significantly more economical than building an in-house team. Consider the software license cost, hardware upgrades, and employee salaries. Partnering with a professional 3D company can save your budget up to 30%-40%.

Partnering with a renowned 3D modeling company, it’s easy to gain access to expertise and experience in 3D modeling. It allows to creation of furniture 3D visualizations that can capture the audience’s attention and drive more sales.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Here are some real-world examples of furniture brands and e-commerce companies that have seen significant success after collaborating with expert 3D modeling companies:

  • IKEA’s Augmented Reality (AR) Catalog: Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has added an augmented reality function to their catalog. IKEA recognizes the limitations of static product images for furniture shopping. Their AR app (power by 3D Modeling) allows customers to virtually place the furniture product in their homes by using their smartphone. This experience has resulted in improved customer confidence and a reduction in return rates.
  • Wayfair’s 360° Product Views: Leading online furniture retailer Wayfair introduced 3D modeling to offer customers a broader view of the products. Interactive 360° product views allow customers to rotate furniture and zoom in on details. This has increased customer satisfaction and a strong brand perception.
  • West Elm’s Room Creator Tool: The popular furniture brand West Elm took things a step further. They introduced a tool called Room Creator. This tool utilized 3D modeling to allow customers to virtually design their dream rooms. This is highly engaging experience has led to a significant increase in sales and a deeper connection with the West Elm brand for their target audience.

These are just a few examples, and the success stories continue to grow. As 3D modeling technology improves, furniture brands and e-commerce companies can expect even more innovative ways to showcase their products and engage their customers.


The future of furniture retail is undeniably visual. In today’s digital world, customers want a realistic and interactive shopping experience. That’s why high-quality 3D visualizations are so important to present the product in the digital world.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Increased Engagement: 3D product models increase customer engagement and leading more satisfying shopping experience.
  • Boosted Sales: Customer who can place the product in their living room through AR technology. It can create more confidence in their purchases.
  • Improve Brand Image: Professional 3D visualization projects improve brand image, setting you apart from the competition.

Working with a 3D modeling company isn’t just an expense, it’s a strategic investment in the future of your furniture business. At Orbe3D we are experts in 3D modeling. We can be your partner in achieving visual vision. Our team of skilled professionals possesses the expertise and experience to create stunning and effective 3D furniture visualizations.

Don’t wait to take your furniture business to the next level.  Contact Orbe3D today and unlock the power of 3D modeling!


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